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Egg Foo Young Sauce

I went though a lot of oyster sauce and soy sauce perfecting this recipe, but the results are oh my gosh! I cant wait to stick that sauce in my mouth amazing! Even if you don't like egg foo young, it would go perfect over rice, in fact it did LOL Egg Foo Young is a Chinese egg omelet dish made with vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, and onions carrots etc. with an easy Chinese gravy like topping. I call it more of a sauce, but either way, it goes on top of Egg Foo Young and is one of my favorite Chinese dishes. 

You Will Need

2 TBS Oyster Sauce
2 TBS Soy Sauce

2 TBS Corn Starch
1 Cups Chicken Broth/bone broth Cup 1 Cup Water

Is egg foo young authentic Chinese?

Egg Foo Yung is a Chinese egg omelet. The name is Cantonese and means "hibiscus egg." Egg Foo Yung (also spelled Egg Foo Young and Egg Fu Yung) is made with beaten eggs and most often ham, but—as with the omelet we are all familiar with—a variety of meats and seafood as well as vegetables can also be added

What kinds of egg foo young can I make?




Chinese sausage.

Roast pork.




Imitation Crab

Add all of the above with your favorite vegetables: Onions, mushrooms, cabbage, match stick carrots (chopped fine) peas, bell pepper etc.


1. In a small saucepan add Oyster Sauce, Soy Sauce

2. Add Corn starch and mix well, mixing any lumps out.

3. Add water and chicken broth/bone broth mix well 

4. On your stovetop turn heat to medium heat. 

5. When it starts to boil turn down a little bit and keep stirring until desired thickness is reached.  

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