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Asperger syndrome- Recently I told the world, that I had it. It was the hardest thing I had ever done. (mentally) I had held it in since I was a child, back then, they didn't even know what it was, I was just "different." I stayed by myself because I was "safe" in my world, which seemed to be the only world I understood at the time. 

Asperger's Syndrome does get better as you get older.  Drs say it doesn't, but it does. They just diagnose it, I have it. When I do my videos, you can see it, I look up a lot, (to try and find the picture in my head I am talking about) or the ingredient I am referring to.  Cooking is my passion, my fixation. I love everything about it, but the enjoyment I get out of helping others is amazing, and that is why I do this.  Simply because it's my therapy.  (more below)

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I don't expect to make millions on my site, (would be nice but... lol!!) I do it because it helps me and others. it challenges me and my brain. (if that makes any sense)  Clicking my ads, yes it helps, but that isn't what it's about, the ads are there so I can pay for my site, and programs I need to run it. So far the highest I have made is like 5.86 in one day. (you should have seen me jumping around my house LOL!!!  

The only reason I bring this up is because a lady said in a mean way, that I was trying to make millions by putting my autism out there.  If she only knew how terrifying that was for me.  I only want to inspire those that believe they can't do something because you can, if you fail, you fail, but if you never try, you'll never know. I do this site completely by myself along with my youtube channel, editing videos everything. If you have a child with Autism, let them know daily, their dreams are reachable. 


This is my husband, we will be married 28 years on the 5th of Nov. We met when I was 19 and have been married ever since. I am so blessed to have him, he has always put me first, and he is the guy that most girls dream of one day meeting. I am so blessed to have him.  When life falls short we have always had each other and we are honest soul mates. In his lap is our little rescue "lil bit" When we got her she was shaved balled because the previous owner abused her. I hate it, because at times she still cowers and I could never (don't want to) imagine anyone ever hitting her, (she is only about 2 pounds if that) but she now has a forever home, and she is our "baby" since all our adult children are grown. We adore her. 


My name is Connie and I have been cooking for over 27 years. I started cooking at 16, but when I got married at 19 to the man in the picture. Cooking took on a whole new level for me. It became a passion, and something I love doing, my dream. I have taught many to cook over the years, and now, I am moving on with my own dreams. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I have raised my kids (4) and a few others along the way. I have beautiful children that I am so proud of. Besides cooking I do home canning, I love my life, and what my husband and I have accomplished together in the 27 years we have been married. Sometimes I live a very hectic lifestyle, between 5 kids (one I claim as mine) cooking, cleaning, and trying to run a full-time blog, youtube, creating and editing my own videos and all the behind the scenes stuff, it gets pretty chaotic around here. If something isn't on my website yet, be patient please, it's a lot to run and do, but I am happy with my life and what I do. Below you will see why we are so proud.


Steven, Liam, and Alicia

This is my oldest son Steven and his wife Alicia, both are in medical school and working at hospitals. In fact this is their graduation picture from nursing. They are going on though, Steven is going to be a anesthesiologist, and Alicia is going on to be an LVN. We are so proud of them both. They have worked so hard and with grades of A's. and B's they are doing amazing! Liam is is my grandson, and so loving and his smile not only lights up the room, but my life as well. He has Autism, and his hugs are huge when he gives them.  


This is my middle son Timmy, 

I am very proud of my son, when he was younger he took a bad road on meth, he is now in a recovery program and is really getting his life together. He just started his road to recovery so I am looking forward to seeing him progress. He has always had a loving heart and warm smile, now he is going to shine~  So proud of you~!


  De'anna & Josh

 To the right are my daughter, and her beautiful family. Katie, Levi, Jc, and my first born grandson Adam. They are the light of my life, They have been through a lot, and continue to overcome the harder things in life. She met Josh and they are an amazing couple. De'anna and I started cooking together when she was about 14, I loved it, we spent most of our time in the kitchen cooking for her dad and brothers, but we had lots of fun doing it! She is an amazing person and I am glad she is my daughter. She is very beautiful and smart, Josh makes us proud because he takes wonderful care of her and the kids, he is a great father and plumber. 


Kayla and Johnathon


My youngest child and my daughter-in-law, whom I love both dearly. She is soon to have my grandbaby. We lost Willow and Athena, about 3 1/2 months ago (twins) 

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