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Instant Pot Tips & Tricks

Do you need help with your instant pot? These tips and tricks will help you learn the basics of the instant pot. Need help with oven or crock pot recipes, or converting a recipe. Just leave your question below. I will answer as quickly as I can. 



There are two methods to release the pressure that builds up during the pressure cooking cycle. Depending on the recipe you will use one of these two methods, or a combination of both. On natural release, I always unplug mine and let the pressure button come down on its own. 

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This is the method you will use with large cuts of meat which take longer to cook and other items that might be foamy, have a good amount of liquid, or a high starch content like dry beans and soups.



1. Q-How do you take the plastic ring/seal off the cover to wash it?

2. A- The ring slips in and out, take your fingers and gently grab hold of the top of the ring, pull upward (using a little pressure) once it comes up, move your hand around the lid/ring in a circular motion, it should come right out. 

Do's & Don'ts

1. Read Your Manual

2. You Need Liquid To Pressurize (1 cup normally works) but follow your recipe.

3. Don't forget to seal before you Pressurize

4. Don't stick hands over the vent when releasing steam

5. Don't overfill your instant pot (you will have a huge mess and possibly burns.)

6. Don't put your pot on the stove, accidents happen, it's just not a good idea

7. If your recipe has a lot of bubbly foam, let sit with a natural release

8. Don't cover your pressure valve with a towel, it's not safe and holds your pressure in your pot. I know a lot of people that do it, please don't.

9. Always open your lid away from you, if something happens you kind of have a shield.

10. If you are cooking for 1-2 people, I would suggest the 3 Quart. If you are cooking for 3 or 4  I would suggest the 6 Quart! even the 8 Quart! I love leftovers

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