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Crab Sushi

These Sushi rolls are fantastic, and so easy to make. My daughter De'anna showed me how to make these when I was down visiting her last year, and I couldn't get over how amazing they were. She dipped them in soy sauce (which I thought was going to make them to salty) but it only complimented them that much more. Sea Weed is so good for you and it has a light salted taste. These make the perfect lunch/snack. They are light enough, and filling and taste amazing!~

CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE FILLINGS. cucumber. avocado. asparagus. jalapenos. green onion. carrots. sprouts. bell peppers


Start by laying out a sheet of seaweed, add rice and smooth out.


Add avocado as pictured (you can slice avocado, while still in the skin into thin strips. Take out strips with butter knife (works well)


Add strips of imitation crab, (as pictured.) We cut them in half and down the center.


Add a pinch of Shredded Carrots


Start from vegetables and roll TIGHTLY (as tight as you possibly can)


Cut into uniform rounds as shown. 


Serve with low sodium Soy Sauce and ENJOY!~


You Will Need

2 Cups Rice

2 Cups water

Sea Weed (flat large sheets)

Shredded Carrots


Imitation Crab Sticks


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