Instant Pot Soft Boiled Eggs

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You Will Need

Eggs (as many as you want soft boiled




I love soft boiled eggs, my grandmother made them for me as a child. She would boil them, cut them in half with a butter knife, (shell and all) and take the knife around the egg shell scooping them into a bowl. It was awesome to watch her as a kid in the kitchen. She always did everything with ease. 


1. Start by placing 1 cup water into your instant pot,

2. Fill each egg cup with 1 egg

3. Place your trivet into the instant pot and set your eggs on top, I cover mine with a paper towel. 

4. Place your lid on, make sure it is on sealing and not venting.

5. Press your egg button and set it on 4 minutes. (if you want your eggs more runny set it for 3 min)

6. When your instant pot is done, instant release.

7. When your pressure value goes down all the way, remove the lid.

8. Place your eggs into cold water long enough for you to be able to handle them. Peel and enjoy~

How-to Video

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