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EGG Bite Mold Hard Boiled Eggs

You Will Need

1 Egg Bite Mold

7 Eggs

Cooking Spray



Greek Seasoning

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Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs.jpg


Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs are easy and with a little practice you'll be an expert at making hard-boiled eggs. Storage You can store your eggs peeled or unpeeled. So if you use 2 molds at a time and do 2 batches back to back you can get 28 perfect hard boiled eggs that you didn't peel and are effortless. You can use them in potato salad, egg salad, egg sandwiches and more. 

Start by spraying your egg bite mold generously with cooking spray. Shake about 5 to 6 shakes salt and pepper into each mold. Crack each egg and place into each mold. Put your lid on, and set your value to sealing (not venting) Press Manual for 10 min. Then instant release.

When pressure valve goes down open your lid, and remove egg mold, lay a paper towel out and turn over the egg mold to where the bottom is up. Pinch each mold lightly (you will feel when the egg releases from the mold.)  Use for potato salad, salads, etc. I always sprinkle mine with greek seasoning on top. (Enjoy~)

How-To Video

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