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strawberry crepes

These strawberry crepes are not only easy but made with a pancake mix that almost taste like the ones you get at pancake houses. These crepes are rolled up with our strawberry filling/topping. Then some of the topping is put on the outside of the crepe, and topped with Whipped Cream. So easy to make and totally delicious!

strawberry crepes

You Will Need

1 cup Pancake Mix 
1 1/3 cup Water

Strawberry Sauce

1 Container Sliced Strawberries

1 Cup Sugar

2 TBSP Cornstarch

2 TBSP Water

I use a pancake mix called Member's Mark Buttermilk Pancake Mix (10 lbs.)

The flavor is sweet almost like the pancakes you get at IHOP, with this batter you can make them at home. and to our family, they just taste better then any other pancake mix.


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Slice Strawberries and add sugar and vanilla, I let mine sit over night but they need to sit for at least an hour until the juice builds up.

Pour Strawberries and Juice into a pot, turn heat to a boil then to a simmer. Mix cornstarch and water in a separate bowl and add to strawberries. When it is as thick as you like, remove from heat.

Strawberries with Sugar.jpg
Strawberry Filling.jpg

In a separate bowl add pancake mix and water, Stir. You should have a very thin batter. 

Crepe Batter.jpg

Making sure your skillet is hot, add 1/3 cup pancake batter to round frying pan. (I used a small one) coat the bottom of your pan with batter (pick up pan and swirl if you need to) wait till top is bubbly and flip. 

strawberry crepe bubbles.jpg
strawberry crepes flipped.jpg

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