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Holiday Stuffed Turkey

I have made this Turkey for several (over 20 years) and it always comes out perfect.  It's Juicy, Tender, and oh so amazing. My daughter tells me every year she misses my Turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas. There isn't a year that goes by without her loving words about my Turkey. It makes me feel great that she loves it that much. So now I am going to share how I do it.


You Will Need

For the Stuffing

1. 6 Cups Water

2. 6 Chicken Bouillon Cubes

3. Giblets that come with Turkey including neck.

4. 4 Celery Stocks sliced 1/2 inch thick

5. 1 Stick Butter

6. 2 Packages Stove Top Stuffing (Turkey)

1 medium Onion diced

For The Turkey

1. (1) 15 Pound Turkey

2. 1 tsp Garlic Powder

3. 1 tsp Salt 

4. 1 tsp Pepper

5. 2 Sticks Butter

6. Remaining Broth From Giblets

To Baste or not to baste Turkey?

Basting the turkey is up to you, some say do, others say don't. I do,  except in the middle of the night. Let's face it, I'm not getting up all hours of the night to soak my turkey in broth without even a thank you. (lol) It's just not necessary. It's going to be fantastic either way.. but make sure to save the broth for incredible Turkey Gravy!

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1.On the stove top, to a Medium Sauce Pan, add water, chicken bouillon cubes, giblets, including neck, celery, onion and butter. Let  boil until celery and onion is almost translucent and giblets are done. (cooked through)

2. Wash Turkey with clean water, place into sink with cold water to cover (so your turkey does not dry out while waiting on stuffing.)

3. When giblet and celery and onions are done, move turkey neck and giblets to a plate, dice everything up. (shred as much meat off the neck as you can. (dice)

4. In another bowl add diced giblets and stuffing, Strain celery and onion, add to the bowl. 

5.  Now, measure out, 3 cups of the broth and pour into bowl (mix well) Make grapefruit size balls with stuffing and stuff the butt and neck with stuffing. (as shown)


6. Sprinkle top and legs with garlic power, salt and pepper.

7.  Cut Butter into chunks and place, on top of the bird, into the legs on both side and on the wings. Place any remaining butter in the bottom of your roaster. Add remaining Giblet Broth.

8.  Turn Roaster on to 200 and cook all night, in the morning, turn your roaster to 350 until done cooking. (will be ready around 1 or 2)

The turkey needs to cook on 200 over night, so if you want your dinner done at 12 Start your turkey earlier. If you want to have dinner at 5 or 6pm start it later.

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