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Left Over Turkey, onion and cheese Omelet

This omelet recipe is so easy to do, and it's delicious to boot!~ Tender left over turkey, sauteed onions, and cheese. Make a fancy breakfast in bed for your other half, or simply just make a quick amazing breakfast. Serve with Salsa and extra cheese. This recipe is perfect for sharing your love of omelets with someone you love.

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Turkey Onion and Cheese Omelet Easy
Turkey Onion Cheese Omelet

You Will Need

1. 4 large eggs

2. 2 TBSP Butter

3. 1/4 Heaping cup Onion (diced small)

4. 1/4 Heaping cup shredded cheese

5. 1/4 Heaping cup diced leftover turkey

6. Salsa

7. Salt and Pepper To Taste



  •  Break eggs into a bowl and whisk,  season with salt and pepper to taste (set aside). 

  • Add Butter to pan, when melted add onions. Sautee until almost translucent. 

  • Add Turkey to your pan and continue to Sautee for a couple of minutes (don't let the turkey brown though)

  • Place Sauteed turkey and onion into another bowl and set aside.

  • Pour eggs into your skillet

  • Add Half of your mixture and cheese to the top.

  • When there is almost no liquid egg left on the top, fold the omelet and tip on to a hot plate. 

  • Garnish your omelet with the rest of the turkey, cheese and onion.

  • Serve with Salsa of your choice.

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