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Brined Oven Roasted Turkey

This turkey recipe is easy, delicious, moist, it's just simply amazing. Crispy skin with a tender juicy inside.  Adding a simple herb garlic butter under the skin, then filling the inside with onion and herbs knocked it right out of the ball park. this perfect oven roasted turkey will become a staple for your  thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter turkey recipes.

Oven Roasted Turkey.jpg

You Will Need

1. Tukey Brine Recipe

2. 3 Garlic Cloves.

3. 1 Sprigs fresh Rose Mary

4. 1 Sprigs fresh Thyme

5. Herbed Butter  

6. One Onion (cut in half)



  •  Wash and prep the actual bird, removing all of the innards and extra skin. Set Giblets aside to make the best Giblet Gravy.

  • Make your Turkey Brine 

  • Get a large stock pot or pot big enough to hold your turkey and soak in Brine for 21 hours. 

  • Remove turkey from brine Thoroughly rinse with cold water. 

  • Pat  your turkey dry with a paper towel

  • Take your fingers (rings off) and slip them under the skin, loosing the skin around the entire breast and up into the legs.

  • Add all of our Herb Butter under the skin of the turkey and around the legs.  

  • Place 1 sprigs of fresh thyme and 1 sprigs of rosemary under the skin.

  • Cut onion in half and place inside the turkey along with 3 whole garlic cloves.

  • Cover the breast with aluminum foil. (so they do not get over cooked.

  • Turn your oven on 250 and bake/roast 7 to 8 hours. Take foil off half way through cooking to brown evenly. 

  • Once done, let rest 15 minutes, before carving. Make our Turkey Gravy and ENJOY!~

What Can You Serve With Turkey?

To Baste or not to baste Turkey?

Basting the turkey is up to you, some say do, others say don't. I do,  except in the middle of the night. Let's face it, I'm not getting up all overs of the night to soak my turkey in broth without even a thank you. (lol) It's just not necessary. It's going to be fantastic either way.. but make sure to save the broth (pan drippings) for our incredible Turkey Gravy!

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