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Hickory Bacon
Baby Back Ribs

Have you ever just tasted something so divine and delicious that you just wanted to jump through your screen and shout it out to anyone that would listen. This is that kind of recipe! The meat just falls off the bone, it is so juicy and loaded with Bacon and hickory flavor. The spice used has 0 carbs and 0 calories! such a bonus! Baby Back Ribs loaded and I do mean loaded with tons of flavor. My husband has no teeth (prob more info then you wanted LOL) but he kept telling me he could not eat ribs because of the gristle in them. So, we were looking for this spice my daughter tried, (which they were out of) and ran across this spice called hickory bacon. OMG, it is to die for! Top with Sweet baby rays and you have a meal you would have paid over $50.00 for in a restaurant! Try our Baked bean recipe to go with this and caramelized carrots

Seriously Enjoy this recipe we sure did!


You Will Need



  • Start by laying ribs out on a cookie sheet (or sheet pan)

  • Use 3 TBS Hickory, Bacon, Seasoning and cover each side completely. Pat into the meat. 

  • Then Sprinkle each side generously with liquid smoke.

  • Place your trivet into your instant pot  then place ribs in a circle on trivet touching insides of your pot (see video below)

  • Add 1 can Dr Pepper

  • Place your lid on, make sure you are on sealing not venting,

  • Press manual for 30 min with a natural release (I just unplug mine and let it go on it's on till pressure button is all the way down)

  • When ribs are done,  Place ribs on a cookie sheet, and and slather your favorite bbq sauce (just on top layer) We used Sweet Baby Rays Broil  about Six min (tops only) until they are to your liking.

How-To Video

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