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Copycat KFC Gravy

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You Will Need

5 TBS Oil

10 Tbs Flour (divided)

1 box chicken Broth

2 Beef Bouillon Cubes

1/4 tsp Pepper


This gravy is over the top good, doesn't everyone love Kfc Gravy? I have been making this since my kids were little. They loved it and still request it when they come home. (They are grown now.) and my husband seriously could eat this as a soup if I'd let him.  This recipe can easily be doubled if feeding a large crowd and you will get great reviews. Try it over our basic mashed potatoes with sour cream and butter. You will fall in love.


1. Add oil to your instant pot , or to a sauce pan.

2. Add half of the flour and whisk extremely well (making a paste)

3. Whisk until a dark brown (your making the roux) it almost smells like popcorn when it's done. (about 20 minutes)

4. Add bouillon cubes and continue to whisk crush them as they get softer.

5. Add remaining flour and whisk (you will have tiny beads of flour but that is okay it will whisk out when you add your chicken broth.

6. Add Pepper

7. Whisk until desired thickness


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