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Spicy Smoked Chicken

Between the chicken, the spices, and the Hickory wood, these smoked Chicken Thighs come with plenty of flavor already. ... Plus, you can immediately taste the difference in smoking the chicken versus frying, grilling or baking it. Although you can do those things too. I would add liquid smoke if you are going to do them in the oven, fry, or on the grill.  These are so moist and juicy! and the flavor is unreal. 

What is the best wood to smoke with?

  • Maple: Contributes a sweeter flavor

  • Hickory: The favored species in the southern states

  • Oak: Oak wood chips are used for smoking fish, meat, cheeses, and other foods.

  • In the end, you don't need to overly obsess about woods. At my house, we usually smoke with oak or hickory wood because it's good for almost anything and it's the best wood for the job at hand.

You Will Need


2 TBS Chicago Steak Seasoning

2 TBS Grill Mates Hamburger

1/2 tsp Salt

1. Place chicken in a bowl

2. In another bowl mix spices

3. Use the spices as a rub and rub both sides of chicken 

4. Smoke with Hickory wood for 4 hours


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