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holiday Vegetable Tray

No holiday is complete without a great vegetable tray, and this one is just that. It's very simple, so you can get back to the Holiday Thanksgiving or
Christmas main dishes. 
This is great for potlucks and parties too!


Vegetable Trays (easy to double)


You Will Need:

1. Dip of your choice, I used sour cream

with chives. OR you can use our home made ranch dressing.

2. 1 Small Bag Baby Carrots

3. Cucumber Sliced 1 inch thick

4.  Lg. Container of Cherry Tomatoes

5. 2 small bags of Radishes cut in half



Make and transfer to a bowl (dip) Place in the middle of your serving platter

Wash all veggies with cold water

Slice Cucumbers, take a paring knife and cut around peeling 3 to 4 times, leaving small green strip. 

Cut in half Radishes, layer on tray

Layer Carrots on tray. Around Dip


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