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How to make Roux

with no lumps

This is a basic roux recipe that you will love, it's easy and there are so many different things you can use it for. Gravy, White sauce for Scalloped Potatoes, cheese sauce for Nachos, There is really no limits what you can do with it. 

Turn this Roux

Into this Cheese Sauce

You Will Need

  • 3 tablespoons butter

  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour

  • Liquid-such as Milk, beef stock, chicken stock etc. As much liquid as you need in your recipe. If you want 3 cups of Bechamel (white sauce) use 3 cups of liquid. 



Add butter to warm pan 

Add flour and whisk well, it should look like a thick paste.  Cook for two or three minutes to lose the “floury” taste, but not so long it begins to color (this is your roux)


Add your liquid (and mix well.) (until flour dissolves into the liquid. You should see no lumps 

Note: Make a cheese sauce below by adding milk and cheese.  I used 20 ounces of milk to 1  1/2 cups cheese. (add milk slowly and whisk) when it starts to get a little thick add more milk.

Continually whisk until smooth. At this point you can add your cheese for a basic cheese sauce 1 1/2 cup for 20 ounces sauce.

When cheese is added to a white sauce, it’s called Mornay sauce.


Roux Tips:  Don't give up, it's easy to get frustrated making a roux.  you have to be patient and continually  whisk, you can use a fork to mash down lumps and separate the flour and butter into the milk.


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