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Super Easy Cheesy Italian Bread Sticks

You Will Need

  • 12 pack 3 cheese breadsticks

        (Walmart) I used 4

  • 2 TBS Italian Bottled Dressing

  • 1/2 cup Shredded cheese (fiesta)

These super easy cheesy Italian breadsticks are so good for being, did I say easy? They are crisp and so good. Who doesn't love breadsticks with lots of cheese? Perfect when you are making spaghetti or goulash and you just want a simple recipe that will wow everyone that's fast and easy. You can do this with a lot of different breads (not just bread sticks.) Use our garlic butter to dip bread sticks into YUM! Who needs takeout!~ Great as an appetizer or  for pizza night!

What can you serve with Cheesy Breadsticks?



1. Cut a small piece of aluminum foil (enough to hold your bread sticks

2. Add your Italian Bottled Dressing to a small bowl

3. Use a bbq basting brush to cover all sides of the top of your bread. 

4. Cover top with Shredded Cheese

5. Bake for 11 min (or until cheese melts)

Note: I broiled mine for 2 min, if you don't want it crispy (don't broil the top) 

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