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Instant Pot Sweet 
Yogurt Starter  drops

Instant Pot Yogurt Starter Drops

yogurt can be a wonderful snack that nourishes your body with probiotics and there's nothing like home-made. Add your favorite toppings like blue berries or black berries, granola. These are drops that can be used for a starter yogurt, so you can have them on hand for your next batch. Looking how to make regular yogurt? Try our Greek Yogurt. The possibilities are endless.

You Will Need:

1 (1/2) gallon Darigold Ultra-Pasteurized Whole Milk
2 tbsp whole yogurt (with cultures)

1 Can Sweet Condensed Milk

1 TBS Vanilla 


1. Pour milk into the instant pot, add yogurt I used Chobani® Greek Yogurt  (starter), and sweet condensed milk, OR these wonderful make ahead yogurt drops, whisk it in thoroughly. Make sure all the cultures get mixed into the yogurt. 

2.Make sure your instant pot is on sealing. Press your yogurt button. (time should set on 8 hours)

3. Once done, remove the lid, and set in the refrigerator for 4 hours. (don't stir)

4. After the 4 hours is up stir and add vanilla, (If it needs it,)

5. Get a strainer, place cheesecloth or paper towels in strainer and strain yogurt (for thicker yogurt) This really does taste like ice cream. 

6. Drop by large spoonful's onto a cookie sheet and flash freeze for 1 to 2 hours. Store in air tight containers or zip lock freezer bags. Use for your next batch of  yummy yogurt!~

Yogurt is created when certain safe, edible bacteria grow in warm milk. To make yogurt, you must choose the right starter culture that contains active live bacterial cultures. 

You can also use a bit of yogurt made in an earlier batch and freeze into these Yogurt Starter Drops.  it is very easy to make yogurt starter drops at home. Simply save a couple of tablespoons of yogurt you make at home and use it to start your next batch of delicious homemade yogurt.  Use one Drop in  your next batch of sweet yogurt. Or add a popsicle stick and enjoy all summer long! Great for Kids and adults a like

You can always buy your yogurt culture from the store but once you master the art of making yogurt at home, you’d never go back to store-bought yogurt starters for the following reasons:

Better taste

Store-bought yogurt is often filled with chemicals and preservatives. With a homemade starter, you know exactly what is in your yogurt from start to finish. It simply taste better then any store bought yogurt. You can add your own fruits, granola, to your batch of yogurt, but with making starter drops, You'll want to make a freezer bag full so that you have them every time you need them.


Money saver

Once you start making your yogurt starter culture at home, you can experiment with a variety of flavors and save tons of money.  With Darigold Ultra-Pasteurized Whole Milk being 3.98 right now, you can make your own yogurt for pennies on the dollar.  Greek Vanilla Yogurt is 3.98 for 32 oz and you get a little more then half a gallon. 


Great for your gut health

There is no doubt that we all need to eat probiotic foods. You remember those lil buggers everyone tells us to eat daily?  The very meaning of the word probiotic is ‘for life’. Thus, yogurt is a life-supporting food that can improve wellbeing, boost immunity, and improve digestion, not only that, but it aids in getting rid of thrush, and kills off those bad guys that cause so much pain. "Ouch."

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