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How to defrost or

cook hamburger

You Will Need

  • Hamburger- I used 3 pounds (makes great freezer meals) oamc

Instant Pot Thaw Hamburger

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No more setting ground beef on the counter to thaw, no more worrying at meal time because you don’t have thawed ground beef, it is really convenient! 

It saves a bunch of time when doing ground beef recipes. You can even do oamc so that you have cooked hamburger at all times. Add onions to it and you can freeze or can it.


  • Cook-  Manuel high pressure,

        25 min, let instant release. 

  • Defrost- Manuel high pressure

        15 min wait 15 min instant release

When you use ground beef in your instant pot,  you really need to thaw it out first, and then cook it the rest of the way on sauté as you would normally with a pound of fresh ground beef. How can you do that without a trivet?  Just place your ground beef in the instant pot with your water, and follow the times above.  It's that easy...

How To- Video

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