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How to make Spaghetti Sauce From Scratch

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You Will Need

Water-Bath Canner

4 qt Canning Jars

Canning Jar Lifter

Seals and Rings

Food Mill

1 Butter knife OR Air Bubble Remover


Paper Towels

20 pounds tomatoes

4 Cups Bone Broth (or chicken broth)

1 very large onion (diced)

1 TBS Italian Seasoning Blend

1 tsp Oregano

1 tsp Basil

1 TBS Onion Powder

3 Bay leaves

2 Heaping TBS Onion Flakes

1 TBS Salt

1 TBS Pepper

1 Can Tomato Paste

(2 for thicker sauce)

12 TBS lemon Juice

speghetti sauce canned2.jpg

The rich, delicious flavor of this homemade spaghetti sauce is nothing short of amazing! Tried-and-true, I have made this sauce for over 20 years, perfecting it along the way. You can freeze it or can it. Make it in the instant pot or stovetop You can even make it in the crockpot, with outstanding results. This homemade spaghetti sauce is so easy and delicious, you will never buy the jarred kind again, and the bonus, besides flavors, is you know exactly what's in your food. You can use fresh tomatoes from the garden or canned tomatoes. Yep, you can even get canned in organic. Try it one time,

you will never go back.


1. Start by coring tomatoes cut any green out of the tomatoes.

2. Place into your steamer basket into your instant pot and press steam for 0 min. (make sure you are on sealing and not venting.)

3. When the timer has gone off, instant release. Carefully open your lid away from you.

4. Place the tomatoes into a sink or bowl of ice water. 

5. Peel tomatoes (skins should easily remove now

6. Once you have done all the tomatoes this way, Drain tomatoes in a strainer.. (makes good tomato juice.)

7. Next, get your food mill out and start milling your tomatoes into another bowl. (see video below)

8. Once you have milled all your tomatoes, pour the sauce into your pot for your instant pot and add chicken or bone broth.

9. Turn your saute on and add onion, Italian Seasoning Blend, Oregano, Onion Powder, Bay Leaves, Basil, Onion Flakes, salt and pepper,

10.  Place your lid on,  Make sure your lid is on sealing and not venting. 11. Press manual for 10 min. When the timer goes off, let it release on its own for another 10 min then instant release.

12. Remove Bay Leaves and add tomato paste. 

13. Turn your manual on and let it cook down to half. (I pressed my manual button twice and just stirred until it reduced)

14. if you use 2 cans of tomato paste it will reduce quicker, but I only had

one on hand.

15. At this point, you want to get your jars, lids, and rings ready.

16. Place your jars into a boiling water bath and boil for ten min.

17. Also place your rings, seals, and lids into a saucepan and let boil 10 min.

18. When time is up remove jars and add 3 TBS lemon juice to each jar, and fill with the reduced sauce, Leaving 1/2 inch headspace.

19. Wipe each jar with paper towels around the edges to make sure they are clean.

20. Place seal, and ring on jar

and do the rest the same way.

21. Place jars into canner with simmering water, ensuring that they are completely covered with water. Bring to a boil; process for 45 minutes. Start timing once they come to a boil. 

22. Remove jars and cool. Listen for ping as they cool.

How-To Video

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