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Hamburger Soup

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You Will Need

1 Pound Hamburger

1 Medium Onion

5 TBS Italian Seasoning Blend

1 Can Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz Undrained

1 can Tomato Paste 8 oz

3 Cups Bone Broth (or chicken broth)

1 Box Beef Broth 32 oz

1 Can Green Beans (drained)

1 Can Carrots (drained)

1 Can Corn (drained)

1 Can Peas (drained)


Hamburger Soup is a quick and easy meal loaded with vegetables, beef, diced tomatoes, green beans, corn, and peas. ... I add a salad, and corn bread to make this a hearty meal! The broth is so flavorful, and honestly I crave it when I am not feeling well or I just want to make something easy that taste amazing.  You can substitute sausage for the hamburger and it's also a winner. You can also freeze this for oamc, for something quick when your in a hurry. This is a rich hardy soup. This soup can be made in the instant pot or on the stove top. or you can even slow cook it. Great to pack for lunches on cold days. Did I tell you the taste was amazing!?


1. Turn your saute on and brown hamburger.

2. Add diced onion when hamburger is almost done and saute for 2 or 3 more minutes. 

3. Add Italian Seasoning Blend, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, bone broth, (or chicken broth, add Beef Broth and mix well

4.  Place the lid on your instant pot and make sure it is on sealing and not venting.

5. Press the soup button (timer should set for 30 min)

6. When timer goes off, quick release

7. ​When pressure valve goes down open the lid and stir

8. Add green beans, carrots, corn and peas. Stir well.

9. Place your instant pot lid back on, make sure you are back on sealing and not venting.

10. Press manual 2 min high pressure (or pressure cook) with an instant release

11.  When pressure valvue has gone down open lid and 


How To- Video

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