Holiday Devil Egg Tray

Who has a holiday without Devil Eggs? Well, with the right tray, and and perfect devil egg ingredients.  What's not to love? Oh wait... I forgot to mention how easy they are to do in the instant pot. 10 minutes "done."


Devil Egg Tray (easy to double)


You Will Need:

1. 7 Eggs

2. 2 Cups Water

3. 6 TBSP Mayonnaise salad dressing

4. 2 pinches paprika

5. 2 pinches seasoned salt

6. 6oz Can Large Pitted Olives (optional)



Add 7 eggs to your instant pot. Cover with 2 cups water. 

Place your lid on sealing and not venting. Set timer for 10 minutes. 

When timer goes off, instant release. Remove eggs and peel. 

How to get perfectly peeled eggs every time

Eggs peel easier when they are hot. Place egg in your hand and drop several times on the counter,  Take the palm of your hand and roll the egg on ALL sides several times, including the top and bottom of the eggs. At the bottom of your egg there is a air pocket under the shell, Peel making sure you are under the membrane. Your egg should peel easily at this point. 

Cut Eggs In Half,  and place fully cooked yokes in a bowl. Add 6 TBSP Mayonnaise Salad Dressing and smash into egg yokes. (Mixing well as you go) Keep mashing (stirring) until smooth.  Place 1 scoop (tsp) into each side of egg. Line tray. Take 2 pinches of paprika and decorate the top, finally adding  Season Salt as a finish. (only a couple of pinches worth) or to your taste. Drain Olives and place in the center of your tray.  

I put one olive on each one I ate, So good!~


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