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Summertime Cucumber Salad

You Will Need

1/2 Cup Yogurt Ranch Dip (directions below)

1/4 Cup Heavy Cream

2 Large Cucumbers

1 Carton Cherry Tomatoes

1 Small To Medium Onion

1/4 tsp Salt

1/4 tsp Pepper

Cucumber Summer Salad Made With Instant

This recipe is great for keto, and perfect for light summer days. You know those days where it's so muggy outside, and the thought of hot food just does nothing for you. That's this type of recipe. I was surprised how good it is, normally I do this with a plain ranch dressing, (the bottled stuff) but I had a ton of yogurt, that I made and didn't really know what to do with all of it, So this recipe was born.  You can hardly tell the difference at all and it's so good for you
which is a bonus! Skip the sour cream!


Make Yogurt as you would, I use the following recipe.

Mix 3/4 cup Ranch Seasoning to make the dip, to make the dressing take 1/2 cup dip and add 1/4 Heavy Cream.

Peel and slice cucumbers, add cherry tomatoes, peel and slice one small to medium onion, (separate slices) add your dressing, and salt and pepper Mix well.

Note-  You can also do this with

1 16 oz Sour cream, 1 packet ranch seasoning.

How-to Video

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