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Jasmine Rice with Garlic Butter & Cilantro

This is an easy Garlic Butter,  Cilantro, Jasmine rice. Perfect to accompany meats or fish that are cooked with any soy sauce base. This recipe goes perfect with our Chinese Honey Garlic Chicken

Serve with our-


You Will Need

2 Cups Jasmine Rice

2 Cups Water

1 Stick Butter (Divided)

2 tsp Garlic Salt

1 TBSP Cilantro

Rinse your rice until water runs clear. (unless you like it sticky) In your instant pot add rice, water and 1/2 butter. Place your lid on, and press the rice setting. (for 3qt it should set for 12 min) for an 8 qt it should set for 10 min. When using the rice setting. When rice is done, instant release and REMOVE pot from the instant pot, Set on hotpad. (this will keep your rice from burning to the bottom) fluff with fork.


After fluffing with fork, add remaining butter, garlic salt, and cilantro. Mix well.


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Tip: When I first started making gravy years ago, I used a mesh strainer to take out the lumps. It works perfectly. Pour your gravy into the large strainer and swirl around with a spoon.  (none will be the wiser)

Do you have to  rinse Jasmine Rice?

Rinsing your rice before you cook it will wash away some of the starch on the outside of the grains. If you're cooking jasmine rice because you enjoy the way it tastes at your neighborhood Thai or Vietnamese restaurant, you might not want to rinse it.

Manual Pressure Cooking

If you’re using a different kind of rice, select the “Pressure Cook” Smart Program (called “Manual or Pressure Cook”). You’ll need to adjust the cook time depending on the Rice you use. Jasmine Rice cooks perfectly in the instant pot.

  • Basmati (white) rice: 4-8 minutes

  • Jasmine rice: 3-5 minutes

  • Brown rice (long/short): 22-28 minutes

  • Wild rice mix: 25-30 minutes

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