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Caramelized Brown

Sugar Buttery Carrots

Carmelized Brown Sugar Carrots

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I love making super easy but delicious side dishes. 

I honestly think I could eat these every day, and it’s not because they’re carrots… it’s because adding butter and brown sugar to the carrots makes them so amazingly good! Brown sugar and butter compliment the carrots.

The butter and brown sugar really bring out the flavor.  And even though they’re buttery, they’re not heavy at all, which makes them easy to pair with just about any main dish!

I love vegetables, but my favorite is carrots, this is just a great "different" way to enjoy them. They taste a little of candied yams, but not near as heavy. 

These are the same as caramelized carrots or candied carrots. Mild and delicious!  

You Will Need

2 Pounds Carrots (quartered and peeled)

(you can also use baby carrots)

4 TBS Butter

1/2 cup Packed Brown Sugar

1 cup Chicken Broth

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Glazed Carrots Instant Pot Directions

Oven Directions Below

1. Start by Turning your saute on, 

2. Add butter, brown sugar and chicken broth. (stir until combined.)

3. Add Carrots and mix well.

4. Place your lid on, Make sure you are on sealing and not venting,

5. Press manual (or pressure cook) for 5 min, unplug when done, and let it release on its own.

6. When pressure button has gone down all the way, open the lid, and move carrots and juice to an oven-safe casserole dish.

7. Broil for 6 min and enjoy!~

Glazed Carrots Oven Directions

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees 

  2. Peel and cut carrots into chunks

  3. Melt Butter and mix with brown sugar, add chicken broth

  4. Add carrots to a buttered casserole dish

  5. Poor Butter mixture over carrots

  6. Cover and Bake until carrots are tender, (about 30 to 45 min) depending on how tender you like them. The last 15 min uncover carrots and let brown. You can do this by letting them finish cooking until browned, or by boiling them for 2 to 3 min.

How-To Video

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